Beauty Waxes (Depilatory – includes Hard (Hot) and Strip Waxes)

Australian Wax Company’s depilatory wax in the hot melt form is used extensively in the Beauty industry to remove unwanted body hair. However, by its nature it also acts as an exfoliant removing dead and rough skin cells so leaving the skin smoother and softer. This hard depilitory wax comes in either two standard types:  Natural Honey  or Natural Apricot.  The combination of natural ingredients make this an excellent hair removal wax, suitable for  both body and facial hair.
Australian Wax Company also manufactures wholesale depilatory (hair removal) waxes for private labels if required and  can be made to colour and/or fragrance as the customer requires. 
The two standard hard waxes come in a 1kg foil tray with lid, 12 trays to a carton.
For pricing on these hard waxes and other non-standard variants available, please contact us via email – or phone (03) 9546 4000.

A new range of wholesale strip waxes are now available in 1 litre white plastic jar (12 jars to a carton).
Variants available are:
Vanilla Strip Wax – soft brown colour
Strawberry Strip Wax – soft red colour
Azulene Strip Wax – soft blue colour

These strip waxes are ultra thin, ultra strong and easily heated in the microwave (if required).