Wholesale candles made to order

Australian Wax Company has developed a range of natural wax blends, used in the manufacture of glasslight candles, mini votive candles, t-lites and wax melts. All of these candles are available for private label manufacture at both wholesale and retail pricing levels.

Australian Wax Company was a pioneer in private label manufacture and for many years has assisted a broad range of clients to develop that special product to call their own.

We have always offered flexible production volumes which enables us to support the market from individuals just starting out with small quantities, all the way through to major wholesale or retail companies requiring larger bulk production. Many of our private label customers have started out with small orders and have grown their business to a point where they now hold a market presence.

In keeping with dynamic markets and shifting fashions, we not only offer our clients a diverse range of waxes to choose from, but we have developed a range of natural wax blends formulated to meet current market needs. We work extensively in soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax; being just a few of the waxes we have available. These quality natural wax blends are currently used by several major cosmetic and lifestyle brands, who are proud to have their corporate brand on our Australian made product.

Our team will assist you with all aspects of the development of your private label.

In consultation we will cover areas such as:

  • Offering recommendations and advice on a wide range of vessels, or assisting with sourcing special requirements.
  • Developing exciting and appealing scents. We have a wide range of fragrant oils to choose from, or we can use your own oils if preferred.
  • We offer pure cotton wicks or natural timber wicks.
  • We will assist with labeling and packaging

As part of this product development, after the consultation process and prior to the manufacture starting, we carry out a thorough testing programme of the newly created candles to ensure we have developed a product to meet the customers’ needs. By this process we ensure our customers’ satisfaction and success with the products we manufacture for them.

And one thing you can be sure of is our Privacy Policy; a policy which protects all relevant details about the products we manufacture for you. We do not discuss or disclose who we manufacture for and we do not reveal any of our customers’ individual product details.