Wholesale Bottle Sealing wax

A specially formulated wax blend for ease of application on wine, oil, vinegar or general bottles. Offering a soft sheen finish and a good seal this bottle sealing wax is used to seal, decorate and provide a tamper proof seal for containers. Having a relatively low melt point the sealing wax allows application at around 80 degrees C. This sealing wax is easily removed by peeling away like plastic without creating chips and breakage like harder waxes. 
Standard Colours are: Red, Black, Navy, Green, Purple, Burgundy.
Metallic Colours: Silver, Gold and Bronze. 
Special colours also available.
This bottle sealing wax is non-toxic and is available in 600 gram blocks.  One 600 gram block will do  100 wine bottles dipping once.  Instructions for use are on the container.